Best hidden-jewels, Mario Maker 2 – #12

Super Mario Maker 2

Best hidden-jewels, Mario Maker 2 – #12

Inspired by Thomas the Tank Engine.

Thomas the Thwomp Engine

This level can easily be labeled ‘short and sweet’ because it’s possible to beat it within 1 minute if you don’t miss too often. It’s hand-down one of the most creative challenge I’ve played in Mario Maker this week. You have to see for yourself!

P.S. Make sure to watch other levels by Burrahobit as he’s also recreated all Mega Man 2 levels.


  1. I also agree this level should become a weekly series with varied challenges. That would be very fun. What do you think Burrahobit? (hoping you’ve found your way to this blog to read comments, hehe)

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