Best Hidden Mario Maker 2 Levels – #005

Super Mario Maker 2

Best Hidden Mario Maker 2 Levels – #005

Super Mario's Leaking Pipe World

Super Mario’s Leaking Pipe World

This one is a regular course without time-consuming puzzles and death traps. Level design is done professionally and sort of succeed to tell a leaking-pipe disaster story. The difficulty is surprisingly well balanced with a checkpoint flag midway. Everyone without exception should manage to beat it after a few attempts, which is great this way. All in all, this stage feels like a real Super Mario 3 experience and is a reminder of why I played these games during my childhood in the first place.

CREATOR: bitroast


  1. Most people say that extreme difficult is the only way Super Mario Maker 2 levels can be smart but I think this course refutes that.

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