Best Unknown Level, Mario Maker 2 – #15

Super Mario Maker 2

Best Unknown Level, Mario Maker 2 – #15

Brilliant Konami Easter Egg! PLAYTHROUGH VIDEO available.

Whoopee, I’ve received my Elegato capture card yesterday! It means positive changes because from now on I’ll use a new format for my Best Unknown Mario Maker Levels series. I’m confident that showing play-through videos will be more entertaining than still images.

The current level, while very short, is totally fantastic. I’m not sure that young kids will understand the Easter Egg of this level, but people my age will clearly remember this Konami’s well-known cheat combo from of the epic NES era! If you’re interested in gaming history, then he’s a sweet wikipedia read for you:

The nicest touch of this level is that you go ‘inside’ the NES gamepad integrated circuit to input the secret code. It add a mysterious, magical vibe to the process.

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