Best Unknown Level, Mario Maker 2 – #16

Super Mario Maker 2

Best Unknown Level, Mario Maker 2 – #16

Treasure awaits in this abandonned town. PLAYTHROUGH VIDEO available

This level makes use of the haunted house tileset in a very, very creative way! It’s the best haunted house mapping I’ve seen so far, it truly feels like an abandoned mining town. The difficulty is pretty easy, I played it safe without rushing, and I could beat this level on my first attempt–Well, except for that bug/trap at 2:05. My only minor criticism, which is personal taste, I’d hoped for a precise amount of coins to be collected to increase the hunt factor, rather than a minimal amount among large quantity of coins.


  1. Shoot! that’s some good ideas for level design. it feels to me more like an abandoned ghost town. pretty awesome!

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