Best Unknown Levels, Mario Maker 2 – #008

Super Mario Maker 2

Best Unknown Levels, Mario Maker 2 – #008

swing and switch mechanics

swing n jump

Here’s another great creation by Murry+–I previously shared another of his beautiful levels. The concept of this stage is promising and pretty cool. You must use both swing and switch mechanics to proceed ahead. It starts fairly easy but as you reach the first checkpoint the steeper it gets. Actually, it gets insane! I think I managed to get near the pipe leading to the boss, but I was forced to stop playing due to work. I only pray there’s another checkpoint before the final showdown.

Simple and sweet.
Be ready for a challenge! But it’s fairly easy after a few shots.
It’s the part it becomes complicated! I managed to get far but only once!

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  1. Thanks again for sharing one of my levels! I actually had to reupload the level twice. Once to add the boss battle and another to fix a part where you can kind of cheese it. I never intended for this level to be very difficult but it ended up that way, unfortunately. I think I should have at least used more arrows near the end.

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