Message to EE:E Backers

Eternal Eden 2

Message to EE:E Backers

As a sign of gratitude.

My goal is to start rewarding EE:E backers with special privileges, tiers… and hugs—yep, it’s long overdue. As a sign of my gratitude, backers will receive early access to some of my articles and contents one month or so before the rest of the world sees it. So, next revelation will be for backers only. P.S. There’s a huge, exciting twist to the random encounter thingie I’ve announced.

Initially, my plan was to email the password to every backers of EE:E, but on a second thought I prefer not to attract too much attention at once at this point in time.

The simplest way to request the password is to drop a comment below. Your message can be as short as ‘password please’. What’s important is that you fill the email field with the same address you’ve used when you decided to support EE:E.


  1. Hello.

    Hope you’re having a good day.
    I check in every few months when I remember, nice site.
    Would love to read up on the Super random encounter.


  2. Hi,
    I hope you are doing good.
    You posted on fb that there are some updates about EE:E. May I have the password to check it out.


  3. Hey Elder, I would like to request the password, but I no longer have the same email address I used years ago as a backer of EE:E. I still have my “backer” receipt, though. How can someone like me request the password? Thanks.

  4. The pleasure is all mine, Pragoolo. I’m glad to see each of you coming back one by one. It’s going to be a gradual comeback, but at least I’ll do my best to be on everyone’s radar.

  5. Sent. Everyone, make sure to use the same email, or let me know when you’re unsure. I’m using a script to compare the email you send me with the one in my database.

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