Metroid: Flashback Mission

Super Mario Maker 2

Metroid: Flashback Mission

The last Metroid is in captivity. The galaxy is at peace...

This is going to be my last level creation for a very long while–but I’ll keep promoting other unknown makers’ levels. It’s a fan-made lookalike course of Metroid. I’ve set the difficulty to easy given it mostly a revisit experience. There’s a near-unlimited amount of flower power-ups to guarantee the game feels like Metroid at all time. The behind-the-scene process wasn’t easy. Hell no. I planned the mission to be twice as long as the published result, only to discover that we creators can’t use a large amount of pipe-transfer objects. I tried to use door-transfer objects sparingly because this kind of scene transition feels less faithful to the Metroid genre. I had to make poignant and ugly cuts in the end, otherwise this level could have been an epic tribute to one of the greatest game ever made. That being said, it should add a smile on the face of most players. Make sure to play it while it’s still online. If you know some passionate streamers, feel free to share my creation with them to stop this level from being deleted by Nintendo; I’ve heard that stages that doesn’t rank well on the server are automatically pruned.

Who are the actors? Mario is Samus. Browser is Ridley. Hammer Bros are Space Pirates. Top-down Beetles are Skrees. The floating Bloopers are… Metroids?

I hope you’ll enjoy the nostalgia that my level evokes.

P.S. Oh. I also made a Little Nemo level from Capcom, which I won’t share on my blog, but you can find it via my maker’s uploaded courses.

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