My fan-inspired Metroid level is rising into popularity

Super Mario Maker 2

My fan-inspired Metroid level is rising into popularity


I nearly lost hope for that one. Fortunately, I received a bunch of notifications out of the blue telling me that a large flow of players played and liked my course. What a pleasant surprise! Mm, was my level promoted by a YouTuber? Or is it the result of the network algorithm being suddenly triggered? Let me know if you’ve discover my level from another source.

If you visited my blog after playing my level, here are some important steps:

  • Bookmark my blog! I’ll share more fun Mario Maker projects.
  • Click the star button via my maker profile to follow me. You’ll receive instant notifications from Nintendo once I create new levels.
  • Play my other levels, they’re as much fun as the Metroid one!
  • Play levels created by other makers which I share on my blog. They’re fun (otherwise I wouldn’t share them) and they deserve a huge flow of attention!
  • Oh, and more importantly, post a comment down below to say ‘hello!’.

Thanks for following!

Snapshot with stats when I first released the level.

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