Playthrough: Penny-Pincher Quest III

Super Mario Maker 2

Playthrough: Penny-Pincher Quest III

Details on the previous prize money contest and upcoming ones.

Here we go. It’s the whole solution of the previous contest I’ve hosted. Some users on reddit claimed the course is impossible to achieve, but you’ll notice that it’s in fact quite easy after some brainstorming.

The winner was a very nice fellow nicknamed † Jesus †, which declined the prize money. I think he passed on the offer due to the lack of participants. I confess the competition was unprepared and announced out of the blue. Most new contestants heard about it when it was already over. It’s my bad! What’s more, the subreddit where I promoted the event wanted me to remove the thread. It sucks. There’s nothing wrong with prize money, imo. I think if someone is willing to offer a prize money, that maker will inevitably want the level to be top-notch, rather than mass-producing low quality ones.

Most crucial question

Who’s interested in future contests? Please, it’s important to signal your intention in the comment box down below to let me know if another competition is truly worth it.

There will definitely be another contest, if I feel there’s enough candidates. No worries, I will let you know one week in advance next time. So, it’s a good idea to bookmark my blog to stay in the loop. In the meantime, I’ll also do my best to help other ‘unknown’ makers to get more attention, when I find their course attractive. You’ll be breath-taking if you tell about Gamezopher to some friends.


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