Best Hidden Mario Maker 2 Levels – #004

Super Mario Maker 2

Best Hidden Mario Maker 2 Levels – #004

P U R E ... I N S A N I T Y [*.*]

P U R E I N S A N I T Y [*.*]

I won’t be surprised if this level rises into popularity soon–even if it’s one of the network’s greatest infamies. The challenge is pure madness. Only the rarest breed of gamers will beat it without sweat. As for me, I’ve created a duplication of this course for practice purpose without lava and Mario invincibility. It allows to train without constant interruption after losing. I managed to reach the end of the first floor in the initial room, but second floor is a challenge of its own too. The real question is: is it the only torture room, or are there other ones after that one?



  1. I’ve seen fun before and these masochistic levels aren’t it. There are a lot of fun levels I’ve seen that are actually enjoyable. Self-torment is not on my go-to list of great ways to spend my time. Kudos to the crazies out there who revel in it though.

  2. I made a pretty cool troll level. I think it’s pretty fun. The code is 04W 7SG GCG if u like it please leave a heart so it can get in the recommended cycle

  3. Here’s a simple stage I made: 9PM-VTP-JJF. It’s easy, but hopefully it’ll also put a smile on your face.

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