Trump’s Wall – Part I

Super Mario Maker 2

Trump’s Wall – Part I

Bowser teams up with an influential lord to stop Mario from crossing.

Ready for a challenge? Mario is merely a few feet from the goal, but here’s the catch: a thick wall is obstructing the path. What will you do?

This level is made by me. I wanted to test a different objective other than collecting all coins. It’s sort of a simple tower defense concept. I think this one will be rated very hard, but after several attempts I guess it should be doable for every experimented gamer.

P.S. Oh, um, I made an embarrassing typo. I should have written ‘influential’. Noticed it after uploading. It’s a shame we can’t edit description after a level have been sent on the cloud.

Course ID: F6W-BH7-8DF

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