Win 250 USD if you beat my level!

Super Mario Maker 2

Win 250 USD if you beat my level!

Be the first to solve my Penny-Pincher Quest III to earn money.

The level in question is called Penny-Pincher Quest III.


I assume this level can be very hard for players that doesn’t want to invest time and energy to overcome some of the challenges that I’ve churned out. Still. I can claim, hand on heart, it’s not one of those crazy impossible kaizo levels. As a matter of fact, I can beat it every single time I play it–unless I make real efforts to play like a dumb. I’ll post a play-through video of my level to show the very easiness of it as soon as someone beats it.

I had a lot of fun designing this course. As a little background story, a decade ago I’ve released and sold an indie game called Eternal Eden with similar puzzle elements. The game garnered positive reviews with rating the experience 9/10. I’m working on a remake of that same game, which I’ll start promoting sometime in the future. All I’m saying is that even though Mario Maker is a great distance from being a professional game development environment, I do my upmost to deliver a thrilling experience.

Useful Hints

Here’s some precious hints to beat my level.

1-) Make sure you know the most basic and subtle behaviors from Mario Maker’s Super Mario World. For example, did you know you can wear some shells like an helmet?

2-) If you believe a certain segment of my level requires a lot of agility with Mario, then reproduce this part in the ‘course maker’ corner of Mario Maker to practice until you can repeat such sequence flawlessly.

3-) Playing my two other Penny-Pincher Quest levels, which are easier, can help to understand my level design approach.


It’s quite simple.

To be the winner of my contest, your profile must appear in the ‘First Cleared By’ slot of my level id RMP-MV4-TSG. In other words, you must be the very first player to complete the goal of my level.

Then, drop a comment here to let me know that you’re the winner. Important: make sure a valid email address is attached to your comment so I can contact you with further private details. Expect at least 24 hours to receive a reply; in case I’m sleeping or away.

To avoid impostors claiming the prize instead of the real winner, I’ll ask you to create a dummy course and then reproduce a very simple pattern that I will have shared with you; this way, I’ll know the winner contacting me is truly associated to the winner linked to my level. In other words, the dummy level with that special code-like pattern must be created by the same user that appears on the ‘First Cleared By’ slot of my level.

Claim your money prize

Payment can be done via:

  • wire transfer (may take longer)
  • paypal (pretty fast, stable)
  • bitcoin

P.S: If you’re an underage player, simply ask your parents; they’ll surely be proud of your feat and finally agree to the fact that spending lots of time playing video games can pay off once in a while!

Important final note

This contest is a first tentative. If it turns out well, I’ll make more of them. I don’t intend all my future levels to be prize-driven, so I hope you’ll also want to discover my other levels as well, including levels created by other makers that I share on my blog. Having said that, I would appreciate anyone playing my levels pushing the like/love button to help them rank better among the popular courses. Spread the word as well. It’s the only way I can organize more contests. Who knows, some of my next contests may have higher prizes than 250 USD, if there’s enough followers.

Thank you!
-Gamezopher, Dude from Blossomsoft


  1. This contest was a bit out of the blue and was unfair for anyone who saw the announcement late. I will definitely make other contests. Next time the contests will be announced one or two days in advance, so make sure to follow my:

    -Gamezopher blog
    -Mario Maker account: V80-X6F-VDG

    Prize money will always vary. Maybe next time I’ll inspire from the bidding system; prize money will start low and increase each day if no one claimed the prize.

    P.S. Alas, the subreddit where I posted my announcement asked me to remove my thread. It’s the reason you won’t see it anymore.

  2. Oh, we have a sinner! *pun intended*, I meant winner! I didn’t expect dear Lord Jesus to be the one to beat my level! šŸ˜€

    How was the experience Jesus? I’m going to contact you in private via email, or do you have a social platform you’d like to get in touch?

      1. Not at all. Only traditional gameplay for most of the course. The only skill you need is the ability to jump on a shell while it’s running. I’ll record a video tonight, although I can’t tell for sure if Jesus beat it a different way than I designed. It would indeed be really nice of Jesus to record a video too, if he wants. Next contest, recording a video may be a requirement for the winner to allow everyone else to see the feat in action.

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