The Biblical Book of Daniel Re-Imagined in a 16-bit Landscape of Eschatology.

I haven’t seen you in donkey’s years, folks. Last year, I didn’t feel confident to blog again despite I strongly wanted to. Well, 2020 took everyone by surprise, didn’t it?

As a Christian, I interpret current and upcoming events in a different way than non-believers. When a Christian wants to know where we stand on God’s timeline, we need to look no further than Jerusalem and watch for the signs. Israel is, after all, the heartbeat system of the entire world. What’s happening during 2020-21 and past recent years is no mere coincidence. Okay, I’ll leave it at that for the moment. We’re here to discuss game development, aren’t we? Just so you know, this kind of eschatology topic will influence the story of the next game.

The new Eternal Eden game isn’t related to any games I’ve announced in the past—I’ll come back to previous games, such as Eternal Eden Reboot, immediately after. To make a long story short, my business partner and I have recently released a game engine, which can be downloaded [ right there ], free of charge. It’s a solid piece of software and I’ll share tutorials for aspiring developers during the ongoing development. All in all, I needed a new game design particularly tailored for this game editor to minimize the challenges—I don’t want to be stuck in another development trap, so let’s keep things as simple as possible.


Allow me to explain the numbering system of the Eternal Eden franchise. The alliterative hint of Eternal Eden’s “EE” is a little nod to the Final Fantasy franchise’s “FF”. During the past years I concluded that I should follow a pattern similar to what follows.

EE1, EE2, EE3 are meant to be 8-bit driven productions. Remember that there were three Final Fantasy games on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

EE4, EE5, EE6 will be 16-bit themed games. Again there were three FF games on the Super Nintendo (SNES). Do you notice the symmetry I’m aiming for now?

EE7, EE8, EE9 will be 32-bit oriented games. EE8 and EE9 will be flat 2D games using complex tile-based patterns like the Mystic Quest project I had announced before. Eternal Eden 7 on the other hand, is meant to be a low-poly pre-rendered 3D games, just like Final Fantasy 7.

EE10 and above will be real-time 3D games, on the assumption that I’m still alive, richer, smarter and more productive with a team of 3D artists.

The release order of these games has no importance whatsoever, and it’s likely some of them will never be made—especially the real-time 3D ones. Overall, it’s just a pre-configured roadmap of the series. The point is, if I ever want to make a 8-bit themed Eternal Eden game, then that game will be set among the 1-2-3 numerals. As a result, the next game that will be released is Eternal Eden 5 and it should mirror the light-themed style of Final Fantasy 5, more or less. I’ve chosen FF5 as a model because it’s the simplest one of the SNES trilogy—and, above all, it was a very fun and unique game.

It arises a question. Where the 2008 game locates itself in that chronology? Well, I gave it some thoughts and it can no longer be branded officially as EE1 because it wasn’t an 8-bit styled game, and in addition to the Reboot version I certainly don’t want to make an 8-bit port of it as well. So Eternal Eden 2008 is now EE0—aka EE Origin. It coincides with the fact that it takes its inspiration from the origin story in the Book of Genesis.


Without further ado, join my Discord community for granular updates—There are already 42 members waiting to welcome you, including myself. You’ll even find access to the Eternal Eden 2008 version, for free. Important note: I won’t prioritize Facebook and Twitter for updates. I’ve decided to quit these platforms as they’re heavily controlled by algorithms and it’s problematic when I try to reach followers, plus I don’t like the way they’re monopolizing the Internet, killing traditional websites and forums. I will publish articles on my blog occasionally, so Discord is definitely where you want go for recurrent micro updates.

Once you’ve created a Discord account, click on this [ invitation ]. Or click the invitation first and it will tell you how to create an account step by step.

Wow. It was nice to talk to all of you again ^^






4 responses to “The Biblical Book of Daniel Re-Imagined in a 16-bit Landscape of Eschatology.”

  1. Marcia Dixon Avatar
    Marcia Dixon

    Elder, I bought Eternal Eden back in the day and have been awaiting the sequel for many years. I contributed $20 for Eternal Eden Ecclesia back in 2012. I just recently came across this invite to Discord. When I clicked on it, it said the invite had expired. Is there any way you can send me a link so that I can join your Discord forum?

  2. Void_Moon Avatar

    Yay for the Discord community! <3
    Well, to be honest, I really don't think I'd like to play a 3D EE game :*( But i'll give it a try (Just for you) if/when you make one 🙂

  3. Deanna Avatar


    Just try to post the bigger updates here for those of us that don’t feel like joining any more chat apps lol

    1. Gamezopher Avatar

      I’m glad to hear from you Deanna! You’ve always been a great supporter. It’s been twelve years since my last release. Now it’s time to gather every lover of Eternal Eden and aim for the next one ? I will of course update my blog in the future but it will be less frequent than on my discord community.

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