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  • How Square-Enix Final Fantasy’s Legendary Summons Came to Be Unexpectedly

    How Square-Enix Final Fantasy’s Legendary Summons Came to Be Unexpectedly

    Square Enix, the folks behind Final Fantasy, did this interview with some key people involved in making the games to commemorate the 35th anniversary of Final Fantasy, and Sakeguchi’s 60th birthday. They talked to Hironobu Sakeguchi, Kazuko Shibuya, and Yoshinori Kitase, you know, the masterminds behind the series.

  • Can you be saved if you don’t read the Bible?

    Reading the Bible is not a requirement for salvation. It is through hearing and believing the gospel that someone can be saved. One of the best illustrations of this truth is found in the verses of the thief on the cross. Despite being a condemned criminal with no good works or religious credentials, the criminal […]

  • Stagsi: Anatomy of the interface

    To make the most of the software, it’s important to understand its interface. The interface is divided into a few main areas: It also features a few other editing windows: File browser The Browser allows you to navigate through files and folders, similar to any browser you may have used before 2023. You can scroll […]

  • RGSS: Viewport

    The easiest way to understand the role of the viewport is to imagine them as layers or screens. A viewport is a surface that can fill a portion of the display screen. In general, you’ll want to fill the whole display area with the viewport’s box:, 0, 544, 416). With that notion in mind, […]

  • RGSS: Font

    Now let’s enrich our previous Hello World demo. Do the following steps: 1-) Open RPG Maker and open the Script Edition (F11).2-) Delete every piece of code there. Absolutely everything.3-) Insert a new entry and name it something like “My Program”4-) Enter the following piece of code in the editor. We created a font object […]

  • RGSS: Database

    RGSS2 has a bunch of modules prefixed with ‘RPG::’ and they play a crucial role. They contain all the basic data structures of RMVX that are used for the database. As an example, let’s pick the data class for Items. We obtain it via the RPG module: RPG::Items. If you look carefully inside the RGSS2 […]

  • RGSS: Basic Window

    Let’s take a look at another built-in class from RGSS, the Window class. Creating a window in RGSS is a straightforward process that requires minimal intervention from the programmer. RGSS takes care of most of the details for us, and all we need to do is create a window object and assign property values. Creating […]

  • Maximizing File Organization: The Benefits of Using Stagsi

    As a game developer and multitasked artist, I found that my computer was quickly becoming cluttered with countless files. The traditional Windows folder system was no longer adequate for my needs, and staying organized became a daunting task. I tried several other digital asset management (DAM) software such as Tagspaces, Tables, TagSet, Adobe Bridge, Eagle, […]

  • Gospel: is a changed lifestyle required? What about LGBT people?

    I’ll get straight to the point and address a sensitive topic. As many of you are LGBT followers, I want to ensure you feel comfortable and included when the gospel is shared via my Eternal Eden projects. A fan of Eternal Eden PMed me on Discord: “I need to know something. You say you are […]

  • Gospel: in a nutshell. It’s ultra easy to be saved!

    The message of the gospel may seem challenging at first, but ultimately, it offers hope, peace, and freedom for the soul. Our existence is riddled with injustice and suffering, resulting from the consequences of sin. Whether we like it or not, we are all interconnected to the inequity of this world, which the scriptures describe […]

  • RGSS: Pixel & Color Tests

    The next tutorial is the ‘pixel’ equivalent of our previous ‘Hello World’ program, except we’re going to plot a green pixel in the middle of the screen. Without delay, follow these steps. Plot a pixel on the screen If you’ve followed the previous ‘Hello World’ tutorial carefully, you’ll notice that only two lines are new. […]

  • RGSS: Hello World

    There is an ancient folklore in computer programming that says that your first program in any language should be a ‘Hello World’ display demo. The code should be brief and straightforward, consisting of only a few lines. Without further ado, let’s follow these steps. First RGSS demo To display text on the screen, we use […]

  • Fantasian and Eternal Eden: Uncannily Similar Random Encounter Concept

    Fantasian and Eternal Eden: Uncannily Similar Random Encounter Concept

    I prefer to believe that two honest, creative developers living oppositely on the globe came with the same solution in a similar time period to resolve a long overdue problem with random encounters.

  • Eternal Eden V — Dream Themed Game Concept

    Eternal Eden V — Dream Themed Game Concept

    I want to thank everyone who’s joined my Discord community; my server reached 100 members today, which was my cue to publish this article. Bear in mind that I’m going to keep everyone posted with micro-updates via Discord, so make sure to accept the following invitation: [ Click Here ] Here’s what’s been going on, and what’s […]

  • The Biblical Book of Daniel Re-Imagined in a 16-bit Landscape of Eschatology.

    The Biblical Book of Daniel Re-Imagined in a 16-bit Landscape of Eschatology.

    I haven’t seen you in donkey’s years, folks. Last year, I didn’t feel confident to blog again despite I strongly wanted to. Well, 2020 took everyone by surprise, didn’t it? As a Christian, I interpret current and upcoming events in a different way than non-believers. When a Christian wants to know where we stand on […]

  • My new take on the Random Encounter concept

    My new take on the Random Encounter concept

    Backers-only update. This post will become public in a few weeks. Click [here] for more details.

  • First revelation: Super Random Encounter System

    First revelation: Super Random Encounter System

    In this post I’m going to provide an overview of the super random encounter system. Read on!

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