Maximizing File Organization: The Benefits of Using Stagsi

As a game developer and multitasked artist, I found that my computer was quickly becoming cluttered with countless files. The traditional Windows folder system was no longer adequate for my needs, and staying organized became a daunting task. I tried several other digital asset management (DAM) software such as Tagspaces, Tables, TagSet, Adobe Bridge, Eagle, and more, but none of them met my expectations for various reasons.

So, I approached my business partner from overseas to create a tagging tool specifically tailored to my needs. Initially, it was only intended for organizing images, but it quickly became clear that we needed it for all file types. We continuously integrated more advanced features, and eventually decided to share it with everyone.

Now, I can’t imagine life without this tool.

Stagsi version 1 is more than enough to fulfill my needs. We’ll develop version 2 only when the demand for it increases. We have a host of fantastic new features in mind that will make it the number one tagging tool on PC.

With Stagsi, you’ll be able to access your files with lightning-fast speed and the flick of a wrist, as long as you’ve tagged them efficiently. We’ve included powerful tools to make the tagging process quick and straightforward. If you’re storing your files in a complex tree of folders, you’re doing it the wrong way.

Our concept combines the best of both worlds – tagging and the Windows folder system. A folder system alone is inadequate, and a tag system alone is equally insufficient. So, it’s best to use both together to achieve superior organization.

The learning curve is gentle, but some of the powerful tools may be missed by many users. That’s why I’m creating a series of tutorials to help users get the most out of our tagging tool.

Download Stagsi from the official website:

Check out the trailer for a preview of what Stagsi can do.

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