I know, I know. The sound of this feature code-name is already driving you nut. Of course, random encounters in role-playing games have always been a double-edged sword. But whether we like it or not, it’s this archaic system that introduced most of us to the JRPG genre in the first place. Random encounters bring an element of uncertainty that makes the world feel dangerous. Dungeons are scary and unsafe places and, as gamers, we shouldn’t predict what danger is lurking in the shadow to prevent us to get to the next save point.

Having said that, here are bona fide facts about Eternal Eden V:

  • Random encounter is the core feature of the game, unlike its predecessor.
  • Encounter occurrences are cyclic and repetitive.
  • They can’t be avoided or turned off.
  • Troops on the field are invisible.
  • It’s totally impossible to run away from a battle.

Sold on the idea, aren’t you? If that’s not convincing enough already, dig into these juicy facts:

  • Encounter rate in EE5 will possibly be the craziest in the gaming history.
  • You might have to fight a dozen of consecutive battles without even having a chance to take a single step on the map.
  • Grinding can be an extremely slow process in EE5.

Whaaaa?!?!?!?! Am I in a sane mind, you ask? Why would I want to ramp up the random encounter rate to insanity, particularly when the first game had limited, balanced, finite battles? I’m about to turn 41 years old, mind you… It might be senility creeping in early.

Here are two more facts that will help you better understand my state of mind:

  • I HATE random encounters.
  • I LOVE random encounters.

That’s it, folks!

The new game promise to be a truly nerve-racking experience. Make sure to read the follow-up of this blog post for more details on the Super Random Encounter System.

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